WhatsApp to enter digital payments in India next week, partners with 3 banks

Facebook is all set to launch its WhatsApp payment services in India as early as next week, reports Mint.

WhatsApp Pay has partnered with HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank for transaction process. State Bank of India (SBI) will also join once it has the necessary systems in place, according to people privy to the information.

Facebook was eyeing a full rollout with four partners but decided to go ahead with just three as competitors in the space were racing ahead.

Many are comparing WhatsApp’s entry into digital payment space to that of WeChat which had reshaped payments in China expanding beyond messaging.

A pilot version of WhatsApp Pay, launched in February with 1 million users, received rave reviews, threatening the market share of its rivals Google Tez and Alibaba-backed Paytm. Both platforms lack the benefits of a social network.

“WhatsApp has a great starting point: a monopoly in chat,” said Vivek Belgavi, Leader for Financial Technology at PwC India. “High engagement makes it a credible competition.”

More than 200 million Indians already use WhatsApp messaging, equivalent to 60 percent of the US population and a daily active usage that Forrester Inc. estimates to be about 20 times higher than Paytm’s.

WhatsApp’s entry in India’s payments space marred with controversies

When WhatsApp first entered India’s payments space with its pilot project it was surrounded with controversies. Paytm’s CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma had accused the company of trying to enter the market via unfair means.

Among the concerns raised by the Paytm founder was the fact that WhatsApp’s trial service does not require a login session and Aadhaar-based payments. Sharma believed a lack of a login makes WhatsApp payments a security risk, akin to giving an open ATM to everyone.


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How to tell who is using your Wi-Fi

Most Wi-Fi routers have security enabled by default, so when you look through any list of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots you’ll typically see a padlock next to all of them. Still, some routers have ‘open’ or unsecured Wi-Fi which means anyone can connect and use the internet without entering a password.

But how do you tell who is connected and using your Wi-Fi?

Use your router’s admin page

The best – but not easiest – way is to log on to your router and use its interface to check which devices are connected.

It’s possible to do this from a phone, but you’re better off using a PC or tablet with a bigger screen since most routers aren’t optimised for phone use.

In your web browser’s address bar type and hit Enter. This works for many routers, but others use other IP addresses. The address might be printed on a sticker on the router, or it might be in your router’s manual. If you changed it yourself, that won’t help, but you can reset your router if you’ve forgotten what you set it to. For more, see How to connect to your router.

Every router is different, but all should have an option to view every connected device. Obviously, you’re only interested in those connected via Wi-Fi, so select that option or try to filter the list to only those connected wirelessly.

On the BT Smart Hub, for example, you can click on My Devices on the home page ( and then on Wireless connections.

When you see the list, you’ll probably find three pieces of information for each device:

  • IP address (e.g.
  • MAC address (e.g. EF-34-4D-9A-FE-36)
  • Friendly name (e.g. Arthurs-iPhone)

Bear in mind that some routers present a list all the connections that have been made in the past, not only those currently connected.

This means you shouldn’t be worried if you see phones from people who aren’t visiting right then. What you really need to do is to account for all the Wi-Fi devices in the list, some of which may not have friendly names. This can be tricky, but even if you can’t account for them all, using the MAC filtering technique below will at least prevent unauthorised devices connecting in future.

If, on the other hand, the fact that someone has connected comes as a surprise to you, this suggests that you don’t have any security set up on your router and it may well be open to all – including other neighbours who live closer by and probably are within range of your network. We suggest that you log back into your router and make sure you set a Wi-Fi password.

Stop people using your Wi-Fi with MAC address filtering

A MAC address is a unique identifier for each Wi-Fi device (and also wired networking devices). Virtually all routers allow you to create a whitelist of MAC addresses and only allow those on the list to connect.

This way, even if your Wi-Fi password is handed out (by your kids to their friends, for example) they won’t be able to connect until their phone’s MAC address has been added to the list.

The way to find a MAC address varies: it might be on a sticker on the device, or you might have to go through settings menus to find it.




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Amazon Summer Sale 13-16 May – Get upto 70% Off + 10% Discount

amazon image

Amazon Summer Sale Offers, Amazon Summer Sale 13-16 May – Get upto 70% Off + 10% Discount via ICICI Bank cards. Amazon has come up with Summer sale commencing from 13th May to 16th May 2018 where you will get the huge discounts on products along with 10% instant discount via ICICI Bank Debit/Credit cards. Now Shop for electronics, home and kitchen appliances, clothing, sports and more. Find top offers on electronics, Home, Kitchen women’s clothing, men’s clothing and kids’ clothing from leading brands. So Hurry up !!

There will be lightening deals, Best deals, Short time deals might be available. Now its your time prepare yourself to shop in Amazon Summer Sale and search wide range of products at unbelievable prices and avail huge discounts. Shop for electronics, home and kitchen appliances, clothing, sports and more. Find top offers on electronics, Home, Kitchen women’s clothing, men’s clothing and kids’ clothing from leading brands. Amazon is here with it’s Amazon Summer Sale commencing from 13th to 16th May 2018 + Get additional 10% discount via HDFC Bank Bank cards. So Hurry up !!

Update:- The company states that buyers who shops using Amazon Pay balance starting May 13th will get extra 10 percent cashback up to Rs 300 Visit Here to avail this Offer. Amazon is also offering ‘Amazon Pay balance only deals’ on Apparel, Storage and Home with instant 10% percent cash back.

Alongside, ICICI Bank is offering customers even more savings during this event with an additional instant discount of 10 percent on site & App when they pay with debit and credit card.

How to Get Discounts on Amazon Summer Sale May 2018:-

1) First of all, Visit Amazon Summer Sale Page || Electronic Sale Page

2) Choose the product which you want to buy.

3) Add the product to your shopping cart.

4) Review your shopping cart.

5) Now Enter your shipping details/address.

6) Now Pay the amount using any of the Payment mode (Note:- Pay the amount using ICICI Bank debit/credit card to get additional 10% instant discount on Amazon website/app OR 10% Cashback via Amazon Pay Balance).

7) Happy Shopping !!…..Read more>>


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What to Do if Your Email Is Hacked

If a scammer has swiped your password and is using your account to spew spam, take action and add measures to help stop it from happening again.

Q.Could you please review best practices if one’s email is hacked? Is changing the password for that email sufficient? Is it necessary to change the email address (use a whole new email) for each site, like Amazon, that uses the hacked email as the user login?

A. If you still have access to the compromised account, changing the password is one of many steps you should take to protect yourself. If you are having trouble regaining control of the account, visit your mail provider’s site for instructions on recovering your account. Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all have guides on their sites, as should other email and internet service providers. Tell your friends that your account was hacked and to ignore any odd messages that appear to have come from you.

Your account may have been hacked through malicious software, so scan your computer for malware and viruses with a security program. If you do not have security software installed, you can use Microsoft’s built-in Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials. Avast and AVG are among the many companies that make free basic antivirus software for Windows and Mac. Malwarebytes has free and trial versions of its malware-scanning program for Windows and Mac that can work alongside antivirus software. You should also update your computer and devices with the latest security updates.

Next, check your mail settings to make sure nothing has been changed — like copies of your messages set to forward to an unfamiliar addresses, unfamiliar entries in your address book, or new links or information added to your email signature file. Take this opportunity to change and update your security questions and answers that your provider uses to confirm your identity if you use the Forgot Password option.

Turning on an extra layer of protection for your email account, like Google’s two-step verification for Gmail, can help protect against hackers because you must confirm your identity with a smartphone app or text code after you enter your password.CreditThe New York Times

While you are in your mail settings, set up two-factor authentication or two-step verification if you have not already and the feature is available from your mail provider. You will need to provide a code or acknowledge a login attempt on another device after you enter your password, but the extra step helps keep your account more secure.

If you have rescued your account and bolstered its defenses, you should be able to keep using the address as a login for other sites, but go in and change the password you used with it, along with all the other passwords for other sites where you used the address as your login. You should also update any site where you repeatedly used the same password as the one for the hacked mail account.

The Federal Trade Commission has an online guide to dealing with a hacked mail account. And to avoid being hacked again, follow basic precautions like avoiding public wireless networks without using a virtual private network.

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Paytm Cashback Offers 14 & 15 April 2018 : New Promo Codes

paytm image

Here we are presenting you latest Paytm Cashback Offers for April 2018, bank coupons & working Paytm promo codes for getting discount on DTH recharges, prepaid mobile recharges, postpaid bills, electricity bills, landline bills, bus tickets and shopping.

Today recharge your Airtel, Vodafone, IDEA, BSNL, Docomo or Reliance Jio mobile number though Paytm desktop site or app and with these new Paytm offers for postpaid bill payments and prepaid recharges enjoy upto 10% cashback .

Paytm today has become one of the leading e-commerce website. It was established in the year 2010 and is currently owned by One97 group. When the website started, the focus was on DTH and mobile recharges only. Today, you can use this website to make utility bill payments and also shop for some wonderful items.

It can be used to recharge mobile and apart from that there are special paytm cashback offers for the various banks customers too. It is a highly secured gateway and is easy to use too. The mobile operators who are making their presence felt on Paytm are BSNL, Uninor, Idea, Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Tata Indicom, Tata Docomo, MTS and various others. You can easily register with them by making use of Mobile number and a password. In order to confirm, an email address is also required. The payment methods include credit card payment, debit card payment, internet banking, etc.

Paytm Cashback Offers on Recharges

You can get the cashback while recharging your prepaid mobile phones or making postpaid bill payments via Paytm . This is really a good offer because you can save a great deal. In fact, you can also use Paytm to recharge your DTH services and avail the amazing cashback offer.

Category Promo Code Cashback Min Transaction Amount
Recharge GET50 Rs 50 Rs 100
Recharge FLAT10 Rs 10 Rs 15
Recharge GRAB30 3% Rs 100
First Mobile Bill NEWBILL Rs 50 Rs 300
Airtel AIRTEL Rs 50 Rs 349
Jio New User NEWJIO Rs 50 Rs 300
Jio PAYTMJIO Rs 20 Rs 300
IDEA IDEA50 Rs 50 Rs 399
BSNL BSNL30 10% Rs 100
TATA Docomo TATA30 10% Rs 100
DTH New User DTHNEW 10% Rs 100
DTH DTH40 Rs 40 Rs 300

► Mobile Recharge Offers

• Recharge your mobile or pay postpaid bills and avail 3% cash back on minimum transaction of Rs 100 . Promo code GRAB30 or GET5 is valid for both old & new paytm users till 16th April 2018 and you can apply it five times. With this new paytm coupon code you can avail total Rs 200 cashback.

•  Another amazing offer from paytm on recharges and bill payments for BSNL users. Paytm gives you 4% cash back on every single recharge or bill payment made through Paytm. The offer is valid over a recharge of Rs. 30 or above. Use promo code BSNL4 to get this offer. Hurry up and grab the offer. Limited time discount. Offer valid only for BSNL users.

•  If you are planning to pay your bill or get your prepaid mobile recharged in the amount of INR 10 or more then you can redeem this coupon code FLAT5 to get a discount of INR 5. This offer is applicable till 15th April 2018.

► Paytm Postpaid Bill Payments Offer

Now you can get three percent cashback on payments of postpaid bills over Rs 100 . To get this offer just apply promotional code GRAB30 or GRAB10 or RECH30 on “Enter promotional/voucher code” section . This Paytm Promo code is valid till 14th-April-2018 only.

► Paytm Airtel Offer

•  If you are an Airtel customer then you can get an amazing 4% cashback on the prepaid/postpaid mobile recharges of INR 100 or more. You can do total 5 transactions and get the cashback each time for a maximum value of INR 75.
Paytm coupon code for airtel customers is  AIRTEL .

► DTH Recharge Offer

With this new paytm promo code DTHNEW or DTH400 or DTH60, avail Rs 4 percent discount on minimum Rs 100 DTH recharges . This offer is also valid for all paytm users and ends on 30th April 2018.

► Buy more @Paytm with 100% cash back on recharges

Are you looking for the best offers of bill payment / recharge transactions conducted on Paytm? Now, all that you need to do to win 100% cash back on Paytm is conduct at least one recharge/ bill payment on this website. Once you do so, you become eligible for an hourly lucky draw where you can get awarded 100% cash back immediately. Use the promo code LUCKY7 in each transaction and get considered for the Lucky Draw. Attempt as many recharge/bill payment transactions that’s possible for you by using code LUCKY7. This will increase your chances of winning the draw. Here, the maximum possible cash back is ₹150. To avail this exciting hourly lucky draw offer, you may like to use all the services that Paytm has on offer – Prepaid Recharge, Data card, DTH, Mobile Postpaid Bill, and Landline.

► Kaun Banega Lakhpati? – Lucky Draw Offer from Paytm

How would you like to become eligible for winning a whopping 1 lakh cash back? Paytm users need to conduct at least one bill payment/ recharge/ transaction to avail this offer. If you are all geared to try your luck then use promo code LAKHPATI for all your transactions on Paytm and get considered for the Kaun Banega Lakhpati offer right away. In this lucky draw, one winner will be awarded a large prize of 1 lac as cash back. To strengthen your chances of getting this coveted jackpot prize, try to opt for as many transactions that you can by using the code LAKHPATI. Use Paytm for your Prepaid Recharge, DTH, Mobile Postpaid Bill, Data card recharge and landline recharge – this offer is applicable on all such transactions. As the winners would be announced within 48 hours, that too on a daily basis, you need not wait too long for Lady Luck to smile on you. All winners will be sent an email/sms notification for this lucrative offer that is valid for a limited period only.

Paytm Wallet Offers

► Free Paytm Wallet Balance

New paytm users get Rs 10 cash back on adding Rs 10 to wallet . Just apply coupon code GET10 on app or desktop website to get this 100% cash back offer .

► Wallet Recharge Offer

Avail great Rs 25 cashback on adding min Rs 250 to your paytm wallet. You can avail this Paytm wallet add money offer only once and it’s valid for all RuPay debit card holders . Maximum cashback applicable being per transaction is Rs 25 .

Valid until 10th October .

Paytm Day Wise Special Offers

1. Monday

Paytm is being known to shower offers on recharges as well as shopping items on regular basis. Here comes a Happy Monday offer from Paytm. BSNL users gear up yourself for some major saving this day as for every recharge or bill payment of Rs. 300 and above you can get a cash back of 4% if you recharge via Paytm app or website. The offer is valid only for Monday and can be availed by using promo code BSNL4 while you make your recharge.

2. Tuesday

MTNL users, here is a chance to make savings on your recharge. Now recharge your mtnl number or make bill payment for any mtnl connection through Paytm and save up to Rs. 200 on each transaction. The offer is valid if you make recharge or bill payment of Rs. 30 or above. Use promo code MTNL4 while recharging. Hurry up the offer is valid only for today!

3. Wednesday

Paytm offers wide discounts on recharges for multiple network operators and today on our list we have offer for Reliance users. Now you can recharge any of your prepaid or post paid Reliance number worth Rs. 300 and above and save yourself Rs. 200 as cash back. The offer is valid for limited time and can be availed by using promo code RELIANCE4 while making recharge via paytm app or website.

4. Thursday

And Thursday this week belongs to Vodafone users as we have on cards offers and discounts exclusively for Vodafone users. Get 4 percent cash back on every single recharge done on your Vodafone number or bill payment through Paytm app or website. Use promocode VODA4 to get the discounts and enjoy cash back. The offer is valid on recharge and bill payment of Rs. 300 and above.

5. Friday :

TATA users recharge your phone or make any TATA bill payment via Paytm and get cash back of Rs. 10 in your Paytm wallet instantly. The offer is valid only for today so hurry up and grab the offer. To avail the discount, make your recharge of mobile payment of Rs. 50 or above and use promo code TATA4 in the promo code box.

6. Saturday 

Aircel users can enjoy massive saving today just by making their recharges via Paytm. Paytm brings an exclusive offer to Aircel users. Get a cashbak amount of Rs. 30 on bill payments and recharges of worth Rs. 300 and more on any of your Aircel number. The promo code AIRCEL4 must be used while recharging. Type the promo code in the promo code box and get cash back in your account instantly!

7. Sunday 

Sunday becomes even better if you get mega deals and savings on your recharges and bill payments. Recharge your airtel prepaid/postpaid connection for amount worth Rs. 300 or more and save yourself Rs. 40 on every single transaction. The promo code for this offer is Airtel4 and is exclusive to Airtel users. The offer expires today 12:00 midnight.

Offers on Paytm Mobile Apps

Moreover, now in the age of smartphone how can an app be far away? So, Paytm also comes with mobile app with the help of which the easy recharge options have become much easier than before. You can download the app on your Android, iOS or the Windows phone and make use of it to make the payment. You will have to enter your mobile number along with the recharge amount and then either you can go ahead with the promo code or you can just skip that step and move on to make the payment. It is as simple as 1-2-3.

100% Cash Back Offer

New customers of Paytm App, grab Rs 20 cash back on recharge of Rs 20 . To grab 100% cashback just use promo code FREE20 or FIRST20 on App .

Cashback on Shopping (Paytm Marketplace)

If you thought that Paytm will serve you only with recharge coupon and Cashback offer on mobile recharge only, then think again. It also has Cashback offer on shopping as well. You can go for shopping in any category, including the home decor, shoes, bags, clothing or for that matter mobile phones. You can buy anything you want and you will find that there is an offer of Cashback in each category. The amount might differ, but you will find some good amount of cash back each time you are on your shopping spree.

Shop at Paytm Marketplace and through coupon code NEWYR grab Rs.50 cash back on all purchases above Rs 99 . Valid once per user until 15th January 2018 on Paytm App .

Paytm Electricity Bill Payment Offers

Electricity bill payments are often a headache due to long queues and rush. But now no more need to queue up in long lines and wait for your turn, thanks to Paytm. Not only paytm facilitates online transaction of electricity bills in minutes and few clicks but also offers heavy discounts that can be availed on bill payments easily! This week offer from Paytm gives you Rs. 75 cash back on your first bill payment of worth Rs. 500 or more. All you have to do is to make your electricity bill payment through Paytm and use promo code BIJLI or BILLPAY or ELECFIRST or BILL100 or FIRSTPAY . Get instant Rs. 75 cashaback in your paytm wallet.

Cashback on Bus tickets

Planning for your winter vacation? Then, don’t forget to avail the Paytm Cashback offer on booking your bus tickets. Booking bus tickets for your family can save you some money as well through the Cashback offer where you can get some percentage off on bus tickets or you can also avail the up to huge amount of cash back directly on the price of your bus ticket.

Flat Rs 100 discount on bus booking

Today book your bus ticket online on paytm.com and save 20% on minimum booking of Rs 200 . Cashback Code = MONSOONBUS .

Exciting Landline Bill Payment Offers for more Connectivity

Use the promo code : NEWLINE or BROADBAND and get home an instant cashback of Rs. 250on a bill payment that counts to Rs 500 or more. Do remember that this offer can be availed only once, and a single number can be recharged as a result of this campaign. The good news is that you can use this coupon code for all kinds of landline bill payments. Here, your cashback will be credited just within 24 hours of your transaction into your reliable Paytm Wallet. So, wait no longer and pay your bills right away as this code is valid only for your first landline bill payment. Valid for all app and web transactions, this promocode cannot be used for your Airtel landline payments; sorry!

Water Bill Payment Offers that will make you say “Wow!”

Use the promocode BILLPAY or FIRSTPAY  or PAYDJB and grab up to 50 cashback on your next water bill payments. With this promo code in your bag, you can avail a straight 5% cashback on all payments for your water bills in India. With a maximum cashback of Rs. 50 to pocket, this promo code can be used just once! Your cashback will reflect into your Paytm account within 24 hours of your transaction ; now, if that is not exciting enough, what is?

Metro Card Recharge Offers with Thrilling Cashbacks!

Use the coupon code METRO10 or METRO20 or RIDE20 or DMETRO or MMETRO and grab an instant 10% cashback on the recharge of your Metro card! Here, the maximum cashback that can be availed is Rs. 100. The best point about this offer is that it can be used thrice! However, do keep in mind that your card can be recharged just 3 times with the help of this super-exciting campaign. Valid for all app and web users, your cashback can be credited within 24 hours of your recharge transaction into your online Paytm Wallet.

Gas Bill Payment Offer that will make Cooking Times Easier!

With the promo code FIRSTBILL  or GASBILL25 or BILLPAY, you can avail up to Rs. 100 cashback on your next utility bill payments. So regardless of whether you wish to pay for your gas connection, electricity or water bill, you can get a flat 3% cashback instantly. With a maximum cashback of Rs. 100 waiting for you, this code is capable of being used just once. Once the recharge is done, you will get back your cashback within 24 hours of your transaction!

Paytm Bank Offers

There are several highly reputed banks that provide you with cash back offers when you add money to your Paytm Wallet through the credit cards of that bank or if you use the debit card or internet banking for payments.

• Paytm HDFC Bank Offer

HDFC bank offers 5% cash back if you add money to your Paytm wallet through hdfc debit or credit card. Just Enter promo code to get this offer . Maximum Rs.50 cashback is allowed till 1st January  .

Reveal Paytm Promo Code for HDFC Customers

• State Bank of India

Not only the private banks, but also the nationalised bank has associated their name with Paytm. SBI credit card will fetch you 4% Cashback if you add money to Paytm wallet using it. You will have to load a minimum amount of Rs. 500 in order to avail the SBI offer. Coupon Code SBIADD is expiring on 31st May midnight.

Claim Paytm SBI Cards Offer

• Standard Chartered Bank

On the other hand, 15% cash back offer is On by the Standard Chartered Bank. The coupon code is SCB15 and valid till the 31st March, 2015. In order to avail the Paytm Cashback offer you will have to make use of the Standard Chartered credit card or debit card. You can either recharge the mobile or you can go ahead and recharge the DTH service of yours using your Standard Chartered debit or credit card to avail the cash back offer.

• United Bank of India

The another bank that offer you with the cash back offer is United Bank of India .The maximum amount of cash back that you can get using United Bank of India is Rs. 50. The net banking users of United Bank of India can avail special offer when they recharge or pay their bills. You can get 10% cash back on minimum of Rs.150 DTH recharge or mobile recharge. The promo code is PAYTMUBI and you can make use of it once.

• Axis Bank Offer on Paytm

Axis Bank provides a maximum of 70% on categories, including fashion, home, electronics, kids and several others. The maximum cash back that you can avail through Axis bank is that of Rs. 1000. Just remember that this offer is not valid on precious jewellery, mobile, silver and gold. The newly registered Paytm users are entitled for this offer. The new registers are considered to be the ones who have registered with Paytm after 17th October. Each user will be able to use it for a maximum of 3 transactions.
Promo code for this Paytm cashback offer is PAYTMAXIS5 .

Hot and swinging Hot Paytm Cash Back Offer on Domestic Flights

Get Rs 500 cash back on domestic flight bookings at Paytm by applying the promo code MONSOONFLYor FLY500. Yes, along with all the exciting offers on bill payments and recharges, Paytm is all set to rock the online world of flight booking as well. So, in the coming seasons, be happy to get the best possible discounts on flight fares to the destination of your choice. To avail this offer, just go to the page designated for flight bookings on Paytm and log in your requirements- whether you need a return or one way ticket, your points of origin and destination, the dates of travelling, number of people who are travelling, and other relevant details. Once you are through, you will be surprised to witness the exclusive offers coming your way!

Paytm Hotel bookings offers that will make you say “Wow!”

Get excited as you can avail 15% cash back on all hotels booking at Paytm by punching in the promo code HTL15 at check out time. Why should you look elsewhere for the best rates on hotel accommodation when the best deals on such bookings await you at Paytm? Whether you are looking towards a discounted bungalow in the hills or a cottage in the forest of your choice, you can get the best accommodation facilities at cheap rates at Paytm. So, instead of lingering any longer, get your tickets done and be sure of having your hotel bookings in place before it is too late. After all, you deserve the best!

About Paytm Cashback offers

Paytm offers many different cashback discounts on a number of categories and for a wide variety of users. This means that there is always something for everyone. Whether you want to buy a mobile phone, recharge a phone, pay your utility bills, or simply buy bus tickets for holidays, you can get some incredible discounts and cashback.

About Paytm.com

The Paytm.com is getting some of the best reviews from the users who have been using the services for a while now. Recharging your mobile or booking bus tickets or ordering electronics through Paytm can earn you some cash back thus making your day. Paytm is adding value to all your daily chores and making your shopping worthwhile.

paytm cashback offers

Paym.com – The Biggest Mobile Commerce Platform in India

Paytm.com is considered India’s biggest mobile commerce system or platform. It started by providing utility bill payments and mobile recharge, and today it provides a perfect marketplace to customers on its exclusive mobile apps. With about 20 million registered users, Paytm gets up to 15 million orders every month. This online marketplace is the prominent consumer brand of nation’s popular mobile internet organization called One97 Communications. Moreover, One97 investors also include SAP Ventures, Intel Capital and SAIF Partners.

This exclusive marketplace online strive to maintain a unique business culture where every businessperson can share his or her opinions and ideas. It is considered as the best place to go with when it comes to choosing desired consumer products with huge discounts and attractive offers. It is observed that most of the contemporary users prefer shopping for consumer products online using their little devices i.e. smarpthones and tablets. Having realized this fact, this unique ecommerce site has turned into a mobile friendly ecommerce system.

Features & Specs

When it comes to features and specs of this renowned mobile commerce platform there are tons of things to be counted – from exclusive user interface to highly secured payment system. Paytm is known for offering user-oriented features and specs whether it is about its web or mobile version. Visiting and navigating this site is quite easy and effortless. With given dropdowns, consumers can easily choose products according to their needs and budget. Let’s have a quick look at some of its key features.

Responsive Design

Whether you open the site on mobile or desktop, you won’t face any hurdle. The site has been design using the latest technology so that it can function quickly with no error. Needless to say while visiting a site whether ecommerce of otherwise, you always want to enjoy responsive design. Being a responsive ecommerce site, it helps consumers accomplishing desired tasks more effortlessly than ever before.

Secured Payment System

It is often found that most of the people in India still consider online shopping a risky job. They assume that shopping online means that they will have to compromise with their financial information. However, in some extent it is true, but when it comes to paytm.com, you won’t face such a difficulty. This exclusive online marketplace for consumer products has introduced a solid payment system. Moreover, consumers can use any sort of methods to make the payment such as net banking, credit/debit cards, and cash on delivery, and of course paytm cash cards.

Quick Delivery

When you buy a product whether an electronic device or a lifestyle product, you always want to get it delivered on time. You won’t like delayed delivery of your ordered products. Knowing this fact, paytm has established a strong delivery network along with various partners. Now, it has a solid delivery system that guarantees every consumer regarding on-time delivery of ordered products.


It is the best mobile-friendly marketplace. It means that you can buy products of your choice through your mobile phone. For this, what all you need to do is to browse and log in the site. You just need to choose products of your choice, and then order them online using your tiny device. The main motto behind converting this largest online mobile marketplace into a highly mobile-friendly ecommerce is to help contemporary consumers to buy products on the go.

Easy to Operate

Unlike all other online shopping portals or ecommerce sites, this largest mobile commerce platform in India is relatively easy to operate. It is often observed that many users avoid visiting a site that has complicated system to navigate the sitemap or make a purchase. With an easy to operate system, Paytm has made it relatively effortless to buy products online.

What Are the Services & Products?

Paytm.com has emerged as the best mobile commerce platform that can be used for multiple purposes – from recharging mobile to buying consumer products. The site comes with host of services and an assortment of products to choose from. This mobile ecommerce system allows contemporary consumers like you to avail useful services as well as choose quality lifestyle products. Let’s have a detailed look at what services and products you can avail through this website.

Mobile Recharge

Get your mobile recharged on the go. The site helps you getting your mobile recharged with least efforts irrespective of time and location.

DTH Recharge

Easy process for DTH recharge has made many people happier than ever before. With the help of this site, you can be able to get your DTH connection recharged.

Electricity & Gas Bill

Days are gone when you had to wait in long queues in order to pay your electricity or gas bill. With the help of this wonderful platform, you can make payment for your utility bills sitting at home.

Buy Electronic Products

From latest technology equipped smartphones to bigger screen laptops and from high-end digital cameras to stunning electronic accessories, paytm.com has wide collections of different types of electronic goods to choose from. Once you unveil the mesmerizing world of electronic products on the site, you aren’t supposed to come back with empty hands.

Fashion & Lifestyle Products

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10 new WhatsApp features you should try

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app which is used by millions of users. The developers keep on rolling new features regularly to improve the user experience. Recently, WhatsApp has launched many features. Not many of us are aware of these features. Those who are unaware of these features are losing its experience.

Here’s the list of the top 10 new WhatsApp features that you should try to enhance your messaging experience in the app.

Pay via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has finally rolled out its payment feature which is connected with UPI. This makes the entire transaction process easy. One should have the UPI payment option open for utilising this feature.

Delete your sent messages

Delete your sent messages

We often end up sending a message that we shouldn’t. Earlier we didn’t have the option of undoing this mistake. But now you can delete the sent messages for everyone.

Describe your group

Describe your group

We traditionally used to name a group after creating it on WhatsApp. But now you can give a description to the group that you have created. You can use this feature to give details about the group.

Group video calling

Group video calling

One on one video chat was previously available for the WhatsApp users. But now just like group chat, you can have a group video. You can now simultaneously have a video chat with four people.

Use WhatsApp for your business development

Use WhatsApp for your business development

WhatsApp now allows the business owners to have a proper interaction with their customers on the platform. The business profiles are verified, and the app also offers important features like greeting messages and quick replies.

Share photos with location and time stickers

Share photos with location and time stickers

The location and time sticker feature enables you to add location and time to the photographs while sharing them with your friends.

Switch between voice and video calls

Switch between voice and video calls

While making a voice call, you can easily switch to video call and vice-versa. The users need to pull a hidden switch to make them jump. However, both the users have to give the consent for switching it.

Play YouTube videos from your WhatsApp chat window directly

Play YouTube videos from your WhatsApp chat window directly

Now you can play the YouTube videos directly on the WhatsApp chat windows. The YouTube video will be displayed in a tiny bubble and you will increase and decrease its size depending on your requirement.

Change the look of your WhatsApp icon

Change the look of your WhatsApp icon

Android Oreo supports the adaptive icon feature, and now WhatsApp supports it too. Through this feature, you get the freedom to choose a WhatsApp logo that you like. You can also choose the shape of the logo too.

Share your location with your friends

Share your location with your friends

WhatsApp allows you to share live location with your friends. And then you can also share your real-time location with the user. One needs to keep the GPS on to activate this feature. Similarly, you can receive

Wrap Up

Use these features and enhance your texting, audio and video calling on your WhatsApp messenger.




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